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Mind Your Finances

Mind Your Finances Free Online Course


Designed for consumers of all ages, Mind Your Finances e-Learning shows you how to manage your money and credit through a series of interactive challenges.

Mind Your Finances e-Learning is a credit and money management certification program that empowers consumers to take charge of their finances. The self-paced course encourages you to build on personal experiences to secure your financial future. Created with input from national experts in the fields of consumer economics and personal financial management, Mind Your Finances e-Learning presents the key concepts and actions you can take to maintain control of your money:

  • Clarifying Goals
  • Organizing Financial Records
  • Monitoring Debt-to-Income Ratio and Credit Use
  • Preparing a Spending Plan
  • Asking for Credit Reports
  • Saving Money
  • Studying and Learning About Consumer Credit Issues

Learn how to keep your head above water in the turbulent financial seas of everyday living - Get Mind Your Finances e-Learning today!

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