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'Upside Down' Car Deals Turn Finances Inside Out

'Upside Down' Car Deals

To this day, I'm amazed at how my...
Lindell Is "That Kid" Yelling On The Sidelines

Yelling On The Sidelines

The beginning of Spring sports means new reminders for adult spectators to be gentle with young athletes. Signs posted at Little League fields outline parent "do's" and......
A Money Intervention

A Money Intervention

I vividly recall the 1978 television documentary "Scared Straight," about inmates serving anywhere from 25 years to life trying to scare juvenile delinquents......
Why Newspapers Won't Die

Why Newspapers Won't Die

When I teach journalism, I begin by asking the students three questions: 1) How many of you want ...

When it comes to your money, what you decide today can affect your finances for years to come. And yet many people don't decide anything.

Each April, my older boys eagerly await the first phone call from their Little League coach. I'm probably biased, but he's the best one out there.

I received a distressing note from “a friend” named Mark who needed help with his bills after his bag and passport were stolen in Manila.

Do you have refinance envy? Come on, you can admit it. You've been at an event or to church or having lunch with co-workers and someone brags about the interest rate she just got when refinancing her mortgage.

On Monday, April 15, while the Boston Marathon was getting underway, the boys and I were in Washington, D.C., embarking on another time-honored American tradition: visiting our representative in congress.

Millions of Americans scrambled to get their taxes done and paid by April 15. The majority of filers -- three out of four -- get refunds. This year the refunds were pretty large, on average $3,000.

You know the saying, "It's not rocket science." Well, today's retirement planning "is" rocket science. It's often confusing and overly complex. There's so much you need to know.