Build Your Own Financial Education Conference

Don’t let a lack of travel dollars or scheduling barriers stand in the way of attending the year’s best financial education conference: Yours!

While nothing beats rubbing shoulders with colleagues and experts at panels and conference mixers, the next best thing can be had from your office: do-it-yourself professional development.

Clear an afternoon, get out a notepad and listen, learn and brainstorm how to better help people improve their financial capability.

Here’s some brain food to munch on:

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago & Visa’s  2017 Financial Literacy Summit

Speeches and panel sessions available here

Recommended Sessions:

  • Harnessing Innovation to Reshape Financial Literacy
  • Expanding Equal Access to Financial Education Programs
  • Bridging the Gender Gap

FDIC’s Economic Inclusion Summit, 2017: Strategies to Bring Consumers into the Financial Mainstream

This annual conference will be held this Wednesday.

Stream the Conference Live or watch on YouTube after the event.

Recommended sessions:

  • Insights from Research: Panelists from CFSI, JP Morgan Chase & FDIC
  • Economic Inclusion Partnerships: Connecting financial knowledge and financial services with work, education, health and economic mobility opportunities.

Additional Resources for your DIY Conference

EverFi is offering a webinar on Tuesday, April 25 with an enticing title:

Next Generation Personal Finance Podcasts

These are awesome. A great way to hear from people on the front lines of financial education for the next generation.

Article: Household Debt Approaches Record High

Article: Why Don’t Americans Save More

June: Check out Emerge’s Agenda

If you do have the time and budget, consider attending the Emerge Financial Health conference, June 14-16. The agenda and speakers look outstanding: the perfect intersection between financial education and innovative technology. This is the future of our industry. (Also, it’s in Austin which is another reason to attend.)

Moved to Act: The Future of Financial Health, 2017 Emerge

3 Tracks

  • The Consumer Opportunity
  • Business Strategies that Work
  • The Future of FinHealth