5 Holiday Shopping Tips to Save You Money

The holiday shopping season has officially begun. Staying out of credit card debt during the holidays is easier said then done. However, it’s not impossible. Whether you plan on hitting the stores in person or online – doing some pre-shopping planning can help you save money and keep you out of credit card debt – you’ll thank us in January.

InCharge Debt Solutions has 5 money saving tips for every holiday shopper this holiday season:

1. Spread Tidings in Person

Tis the season, for your newsfeed to be immersed in ads from retailers with pricy items. Not to mention photos from your friends of their holiday shopping conquests. Limit your time on Instagram and other social media sites during the holiday season. Connect with your friends and family with some good ol’ fashion quality time. They along with your wallet will appreciate it more than any gift you can purchase in a store.

2. Find Out If You’ve Been Naughty: Check Your Debt

Reality checks are never fun but it’s better than going deeper into debt. Review all of your outstanding debts & monthly payments before you start your shopping.

3. Make a List: A Shopping List

Even Santa makes a list before he starts his holiday shopping. Know whom you’re shopping for and how much you intend to spend on each person. Writing down an amount per person makes it easier to commit to your plan. Also, try to pay cash for your purchases.

4. Find Best Deals in Your PJs: Shop on Online

Save time, gas, money and frustration by shopping online this year. If you must go into a store compare the prices of the items on your shopping list before you head out into the madness.

5. Trim Your Wallet: Use One Credit Card

Pick one credit card for your holiday shopping and remove all others from your wallet. Don’t spread your purchases across multiple cards. It will help you stay on budget and be less likely to trick you that you’re spending less than you actually are. You’ll also reduce the amount of damage that a thief can do if you’re wallet is stolen.

Joey Johnston has more than 30 years of experience as a journalist with the Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times. He has won a dozen national writing awards and his work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and People Magazine. He started writing for InCharge Debt Solutions in 2016.