5 Tips: Super Bowl Party On A Budget

Whether your team is playing in the big game or not, Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to gather. Many of us shy away from planning a private celebration because we think that the cost will deplete our budget.

It’s easy to stay on budget when hosting a Super Bowl party because you can make some delicious fan favorite recipes that aren’t expensive to make but if you set a budget for the party it will be easier for you stop yourself from getting carried away while grocery shopping or at the liquor store.  Creating a budget will help you resist the impulse to purchase items you don’t need.

If you follow a few frugal steps you can host a Super Bowl party that won’t bust up your budget. We’ve pulled together our 5 top money saving ideas for your Super Bowl Party:

Take inventory first, go shopping second.
Add to what you have. “Use dinner plates as platters and buy small cocktail plates this way people won’t over eat .

Bonus Tip: Save money on plastic utensils and use the real deal.  Nothing is more annoying that having your fork snap while you’re eating at a party.

Use Coupons. After you create your grocery list take the time to clip coupons. Don’t forget to do a little homework and combine your coupons with items already on sale.

Embrace Dollar Décor:
 Don’t be afraid to shop at the dollar store for classic sports snacks like peanuts, pretzels, and chips.  Think of it as savvy versus cheap. You can also buy decorations in the team colors that are playing to add to the excitement of the game.

One Pot Wonders. Brewing up a pot of crock of chili could be the cheapest (and healthiest) item you could have on your Super Bowl Sunday menu.  Make it fun for your guests by setting up a fixings bar so they can top their chili with their favorites.

Make It BYO
: Ask your guests to bring their favorite dip or tailgating recipe and their favorite drink. Host a taste off at half time to bring some fun competition right to your living room.

Other ideas:

Hot Dog Bar:
Serve your favorite hot dogs and buns, but don’t forget the tofu dogs for your vegetarian guests. Build a topping bar with inexpensive condiments like mustard, ketchup, relish, etc….

Create Your Own Table Decoration
:  Purchase Chalkboard Contact paper and draw yard lines with chalk, leave the chalk out so your guests can add strategize their own game-winning plays.

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  • The game!
  • Commercials
  • Half-Time Show
  • The chance to eat  and drink with my friends

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