What Is Judgment Proof?

Have you been called judgment proof?

Judgment Proof is an option for those individuals whose sources of income are protected by law. These sources of income include: Social Security, Disability, ERISA Pensions, Veteran’s Benefits, Worker’s Compensation, Public Assistance, Child Support and Alimony. Although these sources are protected, they often do not provide their recipients with sufficient income to pay their unsecured debts. InCharge’s referral resources will explain this situation to creditors, advise these creditors to direct communications to them and request that they cease collection activity. For those who qualify, this approach can avoid the costs, court involvement and embarrassment associated with bankruptcy.

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Learn About Judgment Proof?

Judgment proof would be an option for individuals who have a high level of debt and have a low level of income that is protected, such as social security, alimony, child support and employee retirement income security act pensions.