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Credit Score and Credit Report

How Long Will I Be Punished For My Ex's Poor Payment History?

In our divorce he agreed to pay the credit cards and other bills. He defaulted and has filed for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Protect Yourself Against Credit Discrimination

Have you ever been turned down for a credit card and wondered why? Or gotten approved for a car loan or mortgage but suddenly the interest rate and fees are much higher than in the initial quote?

What website allows you to have access to all 3 of your credit reports?

Dear Liz: I want to see all three of my credit reports with scores and fix some things on there that could be in error. What site do you recommend to get all three with scores?

Credit Access For Stay-At-Home Spouses And Partners Expanded

One of the pitfalls of Congress passing complicated, sweeping legislation is that sometimes provisions designed to protect one group unexpectedly create hardships for others.

What can prevent someone from getting dinged by credit reporting agencies?

Dear Liz: Over the last couple of years I have managed to pay off my credit cards. I know that closing those accounts will hurt my credit so I kept them open.

Would closing old accounts improve someone's credit score?

Dear Liz: I just finished paying off my last credit card and checked my credit report as I am now separated from my wife. I found we had one joint account that she had not been paying.

Can any negative information be erased from credit scores?

Dear Liz: My husband and I are in the process of refinancing our mortgage. I just received my credit report in the mail, and my score was 724.

Should You 'Freeze' Your Credit Reports?

Although the odds of having your identity stolen remain quite low, anyone who's ever been had their bank or credit card account compromised knows what a pain it can be to unravel the mess.

Is it a good or bad idea to close out credit cards?

Dear Liz: We have four credit cards that generate airline miles, each of which has a yearly fee. We also have a Capital One card with no fee that we use for travel to avoid currency conversion fees.

Are services that claim they will help raise your credit score worth it?

Dear Liz: I've seen advertisements for services that promise to help you raise your credit score by the exact number of points you need to qualify for a good mortgage rate. Are these services worth the money?

What is the best way a person can re-establish their credit?

Dear Liz: I have a roommate who has truly bad credit. He has been turned down from getting a checking account at banks because his mom bounced checks on his account when he was 18 (he is now 31). What is the best way to rehab his credit?

Video: How to Dispute Credit Report Info

A recent study published by the Federal Trade Commission reports that one in five credit reports contains errors. It's now more important than ever to review your credit report and report inaccuracies.

Will a person's credit be hurt by closing accounts tied to their ex-spouse?

Dear Liz: My boyfriend is deployed. I have his power of attorney, and during his deployment I have paid off all of his credit card debt. The accounts now need to be closed because they are ones that were acquired with his former wife. I know you say that it will hurt his credit to close accounts, but I'd rather close them because they're tied to his ex.

Should I close my oldest credit card?

Dear Liz: I'm 22 and a graduate student with only one year left before I enter the "real world." I have four credit cards — one store card, two Visa cards and one MasterCard — only one of which carries a balance. I want to make the best decisions regarding my financial health.

Would paying off a huge debt all at once help my credit score?

Dear Liz: I am in the process of paying off a huge debt on my credit cards. Will it help me get a better credit score if I pay it all off at once?

Can losing my wallet hurt my credit score?

Dear Liz: Yesterday I lost my wallet along with four major credit cards. I called the card companies to report the loss. They canceled the cards, created a new account for each and are sending me new cards.

How will a short sale affect my credit score?

Dear Liz: In 2005, I purchased a town home for my children, and they have since vacated the property. The town house is now worth 60% of what I owe, and I am considering a short sale.

When will an old cell phone debt fall off my credit report?

Dear Liz: I spent the last five years rebuilding my credit to where I am able to qualify for any credit I need. Recently, however, I have been getting denied for credit even though my balances are low and I have never missed a payment.

Should parents have their child obtain a credit card while in college?

Dear Liz: You recently answered a question about a young man who was turned down for a car loan because he graduated from college debt free and had no credit history. This is the same scenario my daughter encountered this past year.

Why are child support arrears reported to credit agencies?

Dear Liz: Why are child support arrears reported to credit agencies if they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy? And, why is it one can discharge some federal income taxes in bankruptcy but not child support?