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'Upside Down' Car Deals Turn Finances Inside Out

'Upside Down' Car Deals

To this day, I'm amazed at how my...
Lindell Is "That Kid" Yelling On The Sidelines

Yelling On The Sidelines

The beginning of Spring sports means new reminders for adult spectators to be gentle with young athletes. Signs posted at Little League fields outline parent "do's" and......
A Money Intervention

A Money Intervention

I vividly recall the 1978 television documentary "Scared Straight," about inmates serving anywhere from 25 years to life trying to scare juvenile delinquents......
Why Newspapers Won't Die

Why Newspapers Won't Die

When I teach journalism, I begin by asking the students three questions: 1) How many of you want ...

Pew Research's report that 40-percent of American households are supported either solely or primarily by a working mother reflects changing views of gender roles in our society.

When it comes to our parents, we tend to assign value by how much we spend. Don't believe me. Let's compare Mother's Day to Father's Day.

They are calling it Ketchup Gate, and it has military wives seeing red. Last week, Rajiv Chandrasekaran wrote an article for the Washington-Post which, on its surface, seemed to suggest that military families take advantage of taxpayers.

Whenever I urge people to stop being serial auto-loan consumers, I get bewildered looks. I mean it. Pay cash for your car and make the math work in your favor.

We can deny it if we want, but we love to be entertained watching shows about people derailing their lives. Throw in an underlying theme of the rich versus the poor and the ratings soar.

The Great Recession has done many bad things to many people. But perhaps one aftermath that has been beneficial is the increase in multigenerational households.

My husband can't throw anything away. I realize this could be viewed as a good thing (I guess he'll keep me around, too), but sometimes his closet and bathroom drawers look like an episode of Hoarders.