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'Upside Down' Car Deals Turn Finances Inside Out

'Upside Down' Car Deals

To this day, I'm amazed at how my...
Lindell Is "That Kid" Yelling On The Sidelines

Yelling On The Sidelines

The beginning of Spring sports means new reminders for adult spectators to be gentle with young athletes. Signs posted at Little League fields outline parent "do's" and......
A Money Intervention

A Money Intervention

I vividly recall the 1978 television documentary "Scared Straight," about inmates serving anywhere from 25 years to life trying to scare juvenile delinquents......
Why Newspapers Won't Die

Why Newspapers Won't Die

When I teach journalism, I begin by asking the students three questions: 1) How many of you want ...

School mornings with Ford, 12, go something like this: at 7:45 a.m., he yells from downstairs that I'm going to make him late.

The major financial activity people associate with April is tax day. But April is also the perfect month to push financial literacy. After all, you've had to pull together major information about your finances to do your taxes.

t was April Fool's Day five years ago. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair when Dustin came home from work, dressed in his green flight suit, and told me to sit down.

As much as we like to think our relationships can't be defined by money, it happens. Lately, I've been asking people to send me questions on how to deal with financial issues brewing in their families.

Raising children can be expensive, as any parent knows. Knowing what taxpayers are eligible for when they become parents can keep them from paying more in taxes than they owe.

The Internal Revenue Service has good news for some taxpayers. First, if you didn't file your tax return in 2009, you still have time -- until April 15 -- to claim any refund you might be due.

Last month, my youngest son, Lindell, began to read. It was simple words at first; he noticed the "Open" sign in a window at the barber shop and the word "Sale" at the grocery store.