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Debt Consolidation Alternative Explanation

Military Debt Relief Programs and Services

Military Debt Relief Programs and Services

From free budget and credit counseling to personal finance books and podcasts, InCharge Debt Solutions is dedicated to serving those who serve our country. Financial readiness keeps our troops and our nation strong.

Sergeant Debt Video Series

Episode 1: Sergeant Debt Wants YOU to Budget!

The emergency fund-themed video is one in a series of online educational tools being released by InCharge

Episode 2: Sergeant Debt Teaches Debt Destruction

Sergeant Debt will show you how to destroy your debt in this installment

Episode 3: Sergeant Debt Teaches Savings

Sergeant Debt take your savings head on in this installment of the popular series

Khan Academy Videos

What it is, how it originated, types of bankruptcy and more.

An overview on the rates affecting your debts and loans.

Learn how long it will take for your money to double.

What compound interest is and how it impacts your savings.

Find out more about the loans you take out to buy a home.

Find out what it means to buy a bond.

Why bond prices move inversely to changes in interest rates.